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Citizen BM6060-57F Eco Drive WR100

Posted July 10, 2013 by in Citizen
Citizen Eco-Drive wr100






Value for money

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4.5/ 5

Brand: Citizen
Model: BM6060-57F
Year: 2011
Display Type: Analog
Movement: Japanese quartz
Men Watches: ,
Price Range:


Eco drive - When fully charged, can last months even in complete darkness


Citizen BM6060-57F Price is a bit high, so you should take it if you are looking for long term watch.

The Citizen BM6060-57F Eco-Drive Chronograph WR100 is a feature packed wristwatch with a refined and distinct appearance. The watch’s bracelet and the case are made of rose gold plated on a two-toned stainless steel casing. The dial is 23 mm wide and closes with a push button.

by The Inspector
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Citizen  BM6060-57F Eco Drive WR100


The case is tonneau shaped with a 40 mm diameter and 13 mm thickness. It is held securely with torx screws on the corners.
Citizen BM6060-57F has got a snap in case back, and the mineral crystal is surrounded by a stationary bezel made of stainless steel.


Citizen BM6060-57F has an analog dial, which is in charcoal color and is three dimensional. There are three separate sub dials on the chronograph (one for seconds, one for hours and one for minutes) and it can also be used as stopwatch.


The hands of the watch and the hour markers have been made luminous to provide better visibility in no light. The luminosity is also in contrast of the dark background and gold colored hands. The watch is perfectly made for both formal occasions and for daily use.


Citizen has a thing for reliability, and hence it uses the trustworthy Japanese quartz movement for most of its watches including the Citizen BM6060-57F Eco-Drive Watch.

Citizen BM6060-57F FEATURES

Citizen Eco-Drive wr100 (4)

  • The watch has got a discrete display for date at three o’clock position.
  • Eco drive – The watch has got the unique Eco-Drive technology, which means that it never needs battery. The time piece is actually powered by light, may it be natural or artificial. The light passes through the mineral crystal (which by the way is scratch resistant and is highly durable) through the watch’s dial, and is then converted to energy, thus enabling the watch to last a lifetime without any requirement for battery.
  • The Eco-Drive can run continuously for as long as 210 days, once fully charged.
  • Eco friendly -And for those nature lovers out there, the Eco-Drive technology ensures that the watch is completely eco-friendly, as it runs on solar energy.
  • The watch is resistant to water up to 100 meters and thus you can wear it when you go swimming as well.


Citizen BM6060-57F has a sleek design, and is brilliant combination of contemporary features and classical elegance. And with this price tag, it could be a little costly for some, but then it has got what you might buy a watch for a distinct style statement.


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